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Meaning transliteration arabie name, the most gracious. The first lesson given to adam pbuh after his creation was the knowledge of names, which established his superiority over the angels, and became the reason for their prostration to him although the holy quran does not give the names that adam pbuh was taught, it does say that the earliest form of. Browse through thousands of arabic and muslim baby names on youre iphone, ipad or ipod. Having grey eyes with a shade of red, a species of nacissus flower. Latest favourite muslim names meaning for boys and girls in quran. The prophet always chose names with good and beautiful meanings, even. Shahirah well known, famous shahla dark flower, dark grey eyes shahlaa. Az muslim baby girl names free download as word doc. Bacho ke naam kese rakhe jae heres the collection of 0 islamic names with meaning in urdu. For many it is the best blessing attained in this life from allah. Dictionary of islamic names derived from quraan, ahadith, serah and history with meaning and pronunciatin.

Easily get islami nam book save pdf file for offline reading total 392 pages and file size 10 mb. Islamic girls names from quran, top popular muslim boy girl names 2015 in america, muslim girls names with pdf. The conscious, the guide arrashid, the most patient, the enduring assabur, king of the universe malikulmulk lo lord of splendid glory 2uljalal. A standard dictionary of muslim names with 99 ninety nine names of allah. Muslim names with meaning book in urdu books, names with. Unfortunately there are many children around the world living without one or both of their parents. Muslim baby boy and girls names with urdu meaning book pdf.

Dictionary of islamic names and the definition of each one. A standard dictionary of muslim names the islamic bulletin. A muslim child where ever born, and a person embracing islam, used to be called in a new name, probably in arabic name. Az muslim baby girl names hadith abrahamic religions free. Names of prophets, names combined with asmaul husna names of god, names from history, and the traditional or modern names are being used in this regard. Thank you for downloading islamic reliefs guide on baby names for.

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